MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – During a luncheon with community leader and congresswoman Julia Letlow, Letlow announced two bills involving both agriculture and education.

“We passed the “Rural Broadband for America Act, which is huge because that affects the 5th district.” Says Louisiana congresswoman district 5, Julia Letlow.

“We were able to provide dollars for our farmers who were affected by hurricane Laura and Ida who lost their entire crops. We were able to provide those dollars which they very much needed.”

But Letlow says, even though agriculture is not her background, she says she is glad her committee made efforts to help pass this bill and provide dollars to local farmers in need. However,  she says her passion for education is what motivated her to work harder for the future of the younger generation in Northeast Louisiana. 

“Education is the answer to poverty.” Says Congresswoman. 

Letlow says the “Parent Bill of Rights Act” hopes to bring partnership between parents and schools. A bill she feels really proud of.  

“They should be able to see their children’s curriculum. If there is any kind of violence at school, 

parents should be notified. It should be a partnership between parents and their schools.” Says Letlow. 

But there is a bill Letlow doesn’t agree with, and she says she’s rather concerned about, and that’s president Biden’s build back better plan.

“I don’t believe that’s the answer. I’m truly concerned about the trillions of dollars that we’re placing on our future generation’s backs.” Letlow explainned. 

“I think it’s incredibly too costly. It’s not the right bill for the time we are in right now.”  

And when asked if she will run for re-election, Letlow said it would be up to the people to decide. 

“If the people will have me, it will be an honor to continue to serve them.”