REMEMBERING 9/11: Locals honored the memory of those who lost their lives and thanked all first responders


MONROE, LA (09/11/19)–Today marks the day America’s freedom was under attack. Leaving a tragic memory and hundreds of Americans dead. The city of Monroe has done a memorial service every year sine 9/11.

“We want to remember bravery, we want to remember courage.”
18 years have passed since America suffered one of the greatest tragedies in it’s history.

“2, 996 people died that day, that’s 2996 families that were instantly destroyed,” said Eugene Ellis, Monroe Police Chief.

Monroe city gathered to pay respect and thanked first responders who have passed and ones who are are still serving.

“When people call help, ask for help, some people go the other way and some people run towards, our first responders run towards and that exactly what happened at 9/11,” said Mike Walsworth, State Senator.

For local first responders- they know first hand the dangers that come when they put on that uniform.

“Knowing that they possibly wouldn’t make it out alive but yet they didn’t hesitate and they responded. It’s just a honor for us to be able to stand here on a day like this to pay tribute to them,” said Antiono Smith, Media Relations Officer for Monroe Fire Department.

Kids who are in school today weren’t alive for 9/11, relaying on society to tell them the mark it left on america.

“Without these types of ceremonies, our children that are growing up now would never know that events like this ever occurred,” said Juanita Wood , City Councilewomen.

Keeping the memories of those lost alive and reinforcing our nation’s resilience.

“As Americans, we do not give into fear, we do not give into hatered, we will persevere our freedom and the way of life,” said Dr. Carolyn Hunt.

“No day shall erase you from the memory of time.”

“We remember and we will never forget,” said Hunt.

A theme throughout the ceremony was thanking your local responders.
In addition, Mayor Jamie Mayo honored multiple Monroe firefighters today as they have put their lives in danger with certain incidents throughout the past couple of weeks.

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