CALDWELL PARISH, La (KTVE/KARD) — A family of three and a community of neighbors get into recovery mode after Wednesday’s Afternoon Tornado storm passed through the Caldwell Parish area and residents were left with damages to their property.

A mother, husband, and their daughter were in the house when that Wednesday’s possible tornado storm came through in the afternoon. The mother said it was about 5:30 in the afternoon when the storm passed through and just shortly after that, they came outside and noticed all the trees in their backyard down their shed completely destroyed and the roof of their pool and garage house the roof was blown off.

“We could tell by the clouds that something wasn’t right we got to the closet in about a minute to spare and we just on the 15-22 seconds and it was over and we had damage to the property in our home.” said by the Mother of the home.

Their daughter Victoria Ellebre says “I just hear screaming downstairs my mom all of our little phones were going off and stuff to put clothes on and I ran downstairs with my dog and we sat in the closet and it was probably like not even 30 seconds before everything was over with.”

The family shared they spent all day since early this morning repairing and cleaning up the leftover debris and also they are currently still without power actually.

“Actually for the first couple hours I was just in shock because it was just expected that in a matter of seconds and we had someone having electricity so we actually stayed here last night and I didn’t have any.” said the Mother.

Now the homeowners of this property said they’re very thankful to the members of the community who came out and support also volunteer their time to get their house back in order and help with the cleanup process of the effect of that tornado storm and they are just very thankful for everyone’s help.