Proposed sales tax in Grayson would keep more money in village


GRAYSON, LA (KTVE/KARD) — If this one percent sales tax passes this upcoming Saturday, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the residents of the village of Grayson will be paying a new tax. Rather, it will be a redistribution of taxes they already pay. and Mayor Melissa Bratton explains.

“We’re just asking for one cent, one penny, back from the police jury. they collect five. and so they would still collect four, we would just collect one” Bratton said.

Those pennies would add up to over $23,000 dollars a year, money that would stay in the village and go a long way for its 518 residents.

“Several of the towns locally like Clarks and Columbia, they did it years ago. They’ve already been getting theirs back, we just never have” Bratton said.

Currently, the village completely relies on the police jury to fix any issue relating to infrastructure. It would allow the village to build their own funding that would be used for repaving roads and updating parks while still allowing the police jury to help with other issues.

The redistribution could encourage new businesses to start knowing that money collected stays within the village.

“If you live here and you and you want your money to be back in you own town, you know, you’ll get that” Bratton said.

If this tax passes this upcoming Saturday, it’ll officially go into effect in April of 2021, and will last the next 10 years.

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