Proposed sales tax could help to improve Tallulah


TALLULAH, LA (11/12/19) An important tax is up for vote on Saturday in Tallulah, one that would add a sales tax to anything retail or sales within the city, something that’s been a long time coming.

“A sales tax hasn’t been passed here in approximately 30 years” says Mayor Gloria Hayden of Tallulah.

It would be a half percent tax increase that would bring in an estimated 342,000 dollars a year, money that is geared to go towards improving issues across the city. Mayor Hayden says the money would help one major ongoing problem, drinking water.

“It would help bring residents back to Tallulah because the main issue here now is the water. Even with our schools, I feel like there would probably get more qualified people to work in the schools system if they were sure their families had clean drinking water” she says.

Those dollars would also go towards improving the quality of life in Tallulah.

“Recreation because we don’t have a lot of recreation going on in Tallulah. Also they were talking about streets because we only get like 130,000 dollars a year for streets. And also police protection” says Mayor Hayden.

The taxes would go towards the operation and maintenance of each service. Mayor Hayden is optimistic the tax will pass. She says the consensus for the tax has been favorable.

“I’m hoping and praying when everyone goes to the polls on Saturday they will remember to vote yes on the taxes because it’s needed here in Tallulah” she says.

Other items on the ballot include a parish wide 17.1% millage tax, in addition to a $125 service charge for the Afton Fire Protection District.

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