MONROE — Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo says he wants to focus on improving the city’s southside, so he is proposing two new projects for the area.

“There has been a cry to do more in south Monroe. My commitment as mayor is to improve the whole city which includes south Monroe,” says Mayo. 

For the first project, a private developer wants to put millions of dollars towards improving the area near Highway 165 South and DeLoach.

Mayo says the unnamed developer is willing to give a $46,000 dollar cash donation along with land and a business development.

Gregg Smith, with the Southside Economic Development District, says,”This partnership the city is undergoing will help the district out.”

The mayor says the first phase of the developer’s project is to build a convenience store, which is an estimated two million dollar investment from the developer. 

The mayor says they want to build water and sewer infrastructure on the developers land and around it. To do this, the mayor wants to use $200,000 from the Administrative Economic Development fund.

The Ouachita Enterprise Community has also committed $60,000 for the project. 

The city says this could be a huge win for the area.

“The administration is very excited about this project. We are asking the city council to support this project. Its a project they have been asking for and its a project we think could be a good start for some big and continued development,” says Mayo. 

In another project, the city is asking for $254,000 in funding to improve water drainage on Georgia Street. This project would give some relief while the area waits for a more extensive state project to be approved.

Kim Golden, the Monroe City Engineer, says,”What this project is doing is taking the water to where is going and getting it there a little faster. We are making a relief ditch.”

If approved it the city says it would take around 60 days to complete and give some relief to residents.

Both projects are on the agenda for Tuesday’s city council meeting.