PRO-LIFE: Thousands attended Louisiana Life March in West Monroe


WEST MONROE, LA (01/26/20)– Thousands joined in on the second annual Louisiana Life March Northeast here in West Monroe. Marchers started at First West and ended with a ceremony at the Anna Grey Noe Park in Monroe.

“When I say pro you say life…Pro….Life…Pro…Life” Thousands of signs and people filled the streets of the West Monroe for the Louisiana Life March Northeast.

“And the reason we are doing it is because we believe that life is sacred from the moment of conception until natural death. We want to protect the life of children in the womb,” said Brian Gunter, Louisiana Right to Life.

“God put that child in the womb and it’s not for man or women to take that life from that child,” said Leroy Ratcliff, marched in Louisiana Life March Northeast.

The march was to unite pro-life residents of Louisiana and to take a stand for life in the state. It didn’t matter what your age, race, political party, or denomination was.

“I was just looking at the crowd. We are all different, but we are all here for the same thing,” said Amy Rowe, marched in Louisiana Life March Northeast.

“A voice for the voiceless and walking for those who can’t walk,” said Emma Joy Roitzell, marched in Louisiana Life March Northeast.

Some families say they have attended pro-life marches around the state for years.

“Probably 2005, we started in baton rouge, then to Shreveport, and this is our first year in Monroe,” said Rowe.

They say they believe the Louisiana Life March can lead towards an abortion-free Louisiana.

“If we are going to change the laws in this nation then it’s going to be because people are coming together to stand up for life,” said Gunter.

“I think it shows the community and people in our state how important it is to us that we love life and we just want to show others that life is important,” said Rowe.

On November 3rd, locals will have the opportunity to go out and vote on the Love Life amendment introduced by Louisiana State Rep. Katrina Jackson. This would allow the state to have a future without abortion.

“Abortion is the greatest injustice in our day. These people are coming together to say we love life and we want to stop abortion and help mother and fathers in our community,” said Gunter.

Pro-life officials say Louisiana is ranked number one for pro-life across the state.

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