MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Inflation is impacting absolutely everything during the holiday season, and this includes Christmas trees. The good news is that you won’t expect any shortage, but you can expect to pay more for the real Christmas tree.

Tree prices are expected to go up by 5% to 15% in some areas. Manager at Sonny Panzico’s Garden Mart, Mark Lindstrom, says one of the main reasons for the rising costs are fuel and growers.

“The Christmas trees have gone up a little bit this year due to inflation and other diesel fuel problems that we are having, and we are trying to keep the prices down as low as we can. The growers are having all kinds of shortages,” said Lindstrom. “Anything over 12 feet tall is almost non-existent. It is just not out there. The biggest thing we got this year was like a few 12.5 feet tall trees.”

Lindstrom says they are trying to keep the price increase as reasonable as possible to an average of $5 to $10.

“I’ve seen the economy go up and down, and Christmas is pretty much stable for a lot of people. You have to budget your money and do what you can do.”

But despite the increase, Jody Tillman says she is still determined to support locals and purchase the real thing as part of her family tradition.

“We love the smell, we love the excitement of getting it and picking it out. I think everything is going up this year unfortunately, so we are cutting corners in different places but, we’d like to leave a little room in the budget so we can have this experience.”

And the real meaning behind why some families keep buying the real Christmas tree, Lindstrom said, is the unique smell of the tree.

“The best thing about the real tree is the smell throughout the house, the whole winter long, which is awesome. And the real meaning of Christmas.”