WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Louisiana United States Senator Bill Cassidy shared information about inflation and the U.S. Mexican border crisis during a Tuesday, April 26, 2022, reporter conference call.

In a recent visit to Louisiana, Senator Cassidy reported that he heard about the impact inflation is having on almost everyone.

“If it’s a gas pump or the grocery store folks are worried about whether they will be able to afford the essentials they need,” Senator Cassidy said. “My wife went in to buy some crawfish tails… $19 a pound. She put them down walked out and said, ‘I can’t afford this’.”

According to Senator Cassidy, the price of fish and seafood is up almost 11 percent from last March, beef increased by 16 percent, fruits vegetables are up by eight and half percent and dairy went up by seven percent.

“My wife showed me the carton of milk, she says, ‘You cannot believe how much this cost’,” Senator Cassidy said. “I say that because people want solutions, not a president whose blaming whoever else he can besides himself.”

According to Senator Cassidy, the Biden Administration has stated that inflation and skyrocketing gas prices are COVID-19 or Russian President Vladmir Putin’s fault, and it has not taken responsibility.

“Liberal economists said that spending 1.9 trillion dollars last March, which democrats passed on a party line vote wasn’t needed and would lead to inflation,” Cassidy said. “I would add trying to kill domestic energy production was going to add to it. And still slow walking the permits that are needed to produce the energy, and by the way create the jobs for Americans, that would lower the price at the pump is also contributing. I call upon the administration for solutions, not short-term attempts to push the blame on others and to help the president’s poll numbers.”

Senator Cassidy said that border security is a big issue.

“New numbers just released from the U.S. customs border protection … more than 221,000 migrants encountered at our U.S. Mexican Border in March, a 28 percent increase from March 2021,” Cassidy said. “It is a national security crisis. As a doc I look at it as contributing so much to the drug crisis. More than a thousand pounds of fentanyl were seized in March 2022. That is a 55 percent increase relative to December.”

According to Senator Cassidy, there is also a humanitarian crisis.

“We all feel for this … a Texas National Guard soldier 22-years-old died attempting to rescue migrants who had fallen into the river along the U.S. Mexican border. So, a hero selflessly helping others despite the danger to himself, even though the folks who were there shouldn’t have been there,” Senator Cassidy said. “So, securing our border isn’t a talking point. It’s a life-or-death matter and the responsibility of the federal government to protect those on the frontlines who protect us.”

According to Senator Cassidy, there is a broad bipartisan opposition to the Biden Administration’s decision to remove Title 42.

“A policy to stop mass illegal immigration into the U.S.,” Senator Cassidy said. “And yesterday Louisiana Federal Judge Robert Summerhays indicated he would block the administration’s action.”

According to Senator Cassidy, removing Title 42 on May 23, is a mistake.

“It’s going to increase the amount of folks coming here illegally and increase the amount of fentanyl crossing our border,” he said.