Mayor Jamie Mayo speaks out on Trump Rally accusations and has White House emails to back him up

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MONROE, LA (11/14/19)– After being accused of sabotaging the Trump Rally, Mayor Jamie Mayo speaks out on what’s the truth and what’s not. Though many locals have called, emailed, and posted about their complaints, the Mayor’s Office gave us two emails from the White House about how great the rally was at the Monroe Civic Center.

The Monroe Trump Rally was over a week ago, but many who attended have complained about Mayor Jamie Mayo impacting the experience by not having enough concessions, the AC being turned off, and not being present himself.

“Well I was shocked, to see some of the accusations. Many of them were sent to me,” said Jamie Mayo, Monroe Mayor.

Mayor Mayo says everything that went on inside the civic center was directed by Secret Service or the Trump Administration.

” They shut the concession stands down at a certain time because they wanted to make sure that everybody was inside the arena once President Trump came to speak,” said Mayor Mayo.

Some say the president and themselves were burning up as the AC seemed to be turned off. The mayor says it was convenient to blame him.

“My staff also told me that it was freezing in the day. Once you get 10,000 individuals inside that arena, there’s going to be some challenges in a practically old venue,” said Mayor Mayo.

Though Mayor Mayo has been getting a lot of heat, President Trump’s Administration has said the complete opposite. E-mails from the White House say, “You all helped us create an incredible rally that my bosses, the press, and the President were all happy with.”

In a different E-mail they say, “Everyone at your venue was great to work with, and we really appreciate all the hard work that was put in to help make the evening happen!”

Mayor Mayo says the secrete service did not invite him to welcome the president at the rally.

“Now I was invited to come to the event, but the event was a political rally for Mr. Rispone. As I said, I am not a supporter of Mr. Rispone, I am a supporter of Governor John Bel Edwards,” said Mayor Mayo.

However, he says it was a privilege that President Trump came to Monroe.

“Particularly an honor for a sitting president, such as President Trump, to come here. That’s why everything I did and said was positive about him coming,” said Mayor Mayo.

Mayor Mayo has proposed building a new arena versus making repairs to the civic center. Some members of the council disagree with the idea.

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