PHASE 3: New restrictions impact The Hub’s bar games


MONROE, LA )KTVE/KARD)– Due to the pandemic, the game of cornhole has attracted more attention and players, at our local bars and nationwide. The Hub Music Hall was home to hundreds of cornhole tournaments throughout the pandemic. However, as the state entered into phase 3 of reopening, they found themselves surprised as all bar games, including cornhole, have been restricted.

“Losing cornhole has been a severe blow to us,” said Amanda Lyon, Chief Operations Officer at Hub.

Cornhole not only brought in revenue for the Hub but also funds for other organizations in the community, like high school athletic programs.

“Even though we are still progressively moving in the phases our rules are not,” said Lyon.

These new rules are also affecting families who spent every Tuesday at the Hub throwing a bag.

“So it was something we could get out and do. The kids had fun, everyone had a good time, and then it was just taken from them. It is hard to even understand because there was no explanation, no one said this is why we are actually doing it. We wore maks up here, and abided by the rules and then for them to just take it, that’s hard,” said Bubba Moore, cornhole player.

With all the rules that are enforced currently, like closing at 11 pm and having to order food when getting an alcoholic beverage, taking away one more thing leaves the hub struggling to stay afloat.

“Every time we take two steps forward we take 10 steps back and I don’t know if it’s because it is truly the rules and regulations or if it’s just somebody saying “oh we’re not going to allow that”, said Lyon.

“It was almost like they had seen something succeeding in the pandemic and just took it away,” said Moore.

Hub officials say they are following those guidelines but the hope governor John Bel Edwards will reconsider the restrictions he put against bar games.

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