PHASE 2 REOPENING: Cold Desert Tattoo Studio taking extra precautions before opening


MONROE, LA (6/6/20)– Cold Desert Tattoo Studio is excited to fire up the needles and welcome back their clients.

“This is much more than a tattoo shop, it’s a big happy family. Everybody loves each other and to not have that for 3 months has been rough on everybody. I feel like I can speak for everybody when I say we’ve lost a part of ourselves,” said Meredith Anderson, tattoo artist at Cold Desert Tattoo Studio.

They expect tons of people will be piling up for some new ink.

“People are sitting at home for three months just scrolling through Pinterest and Google. They are just racking up all these tattoo ideas that they want, definitely trying to catch up,” said Anderson.

Though phase 2 allowed tattoo shops to open last Friday, Cold Desert won’t open its doors until June 17th, they’re extra precautions to keep everyone safe.

“We’re taking the guideline that the state has provided for us and we are following those to the letter. We are also going with CDC and OSHA and following a couple of other things to help make what we do better,” said Tori gray, tattoo artist at Cold Desert Tattoo Studio.

Everyone will be required to wear masks and get their temperature checked. In addition, tattoo artists will be tested for COVID-19. For right now, everything is by appointment only, one client at a time, no guests.

“We can’t do anything that your masks covers up. We can’t do nose piercings, lip, tong, any of that or face and hand tattoos,” said Anderson.

Officials say their customers are part of their family and keeping them safe is the priority. Cold Desert has changed their shop minimum to 100 dollars. If you’re ready to get inked up, call the studio or message them on social media.

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