PHASE 1 REOPENING: Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo set to reopen next week


MONROE, LA (5/15/20)– While we’ve been going behind the scenes at the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo for the last few weeks, their doors are finally opening as the state enters into phase one. These animals are already looking for visitors.

“There are some animals that are really going to revel in it. The spider monkeys love people, the Warhawk loves people, and the Cape Buffalo likes to see the audience,” said Joe Clawson, Director at the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo.

Zoo officials say they want everyone to enjoy the zoo while still being safe. The splash pad, boat ride, and the train will all remain closed. In addition, those animals who’s exhibits are inside a building, like the reptiles, will not be able to see the public for now.

“The children’s zoo will have the animals in it, but we’re not going to allow people to go in it and feed the animals and touch the animals. However, they will still be able to look from the sidewalk,” said Clawson.

While these animals are fascinating and may be a little excited to see you, it’s important that visitors follow the social distancing rules.

“Go ahead and stop and look at the animals but don’t sit there and linger for an extended period of time if you see people coming up from behind you,” said Clawson.

As the Zoo’s gates open and tickets begin to sale, phase one of the Coronavirus reopening only allows 300 people inside at a time. Zoo officials say you can call in advance and ask for a wait time.

“People will have to wait in the parking lot for us to count people in and to count people out,” said Clawson.

We’ve shown you virtually all the hard work the zoo has done to keep the animals safe and happy, but now visitors can come see it in person.

The zoo will be opening up starting Monday morning. They will be open from 10 to 5 Monday through Friday and 10 to 4 Saturday and Sunday. Zoo officials are asking it’s visitors to please be patient as they are working hard to welcome customers and keep everyone safe

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