Phase 1 reopening comes with restrictions for some local bars


MONROE, LA (05/13/20) Friday will mark Phase 1 of reopening for many businesses partially or completely shut down due to COVID-19, which includes bars. But expect to be greeted with some limitations at your favorite watering holes.

“We’re allowed to be open because we have a food license, with the health department, so we are a bar that serves food” John Jeter, Owner of Enoch’s Irish Pub said.

You will still be able to purchase drinks at Enoch’s, but not in a conventional way.

“They can still consume, they have to buy food with it, and they have to seated at a table, there’s no bar service.” Jeter said.

They will be running at 25% capacity, both inside an on their patio, with spaced tables that will be sanitized regularly.

“It’s a step in the right direction, I’m in no hurry to put customers in any kind of danger” Jeter said. “I’m ready to get back to business, but I’m also cautious and a little nervous, because this thing is a real deal.”

Char 19, who has been completely closed through the pandemic, will be reopening with a similar approach.

“You have to have food, I mean, we’re a restaurant and bar but not running as a bar but as far as what I understand that the law says if you’re an eating establishment, they can come in and have cocktails and eat” John E. Peters, Executive Chef at Char 19 said.

They will be following COVID–19 guidelines and checking employee temps, as well as increased sanitation.

“We’ve already marked their tables as what tables we’re going to be seating. and they follow within the guidelines. And yes, all rooms will be open for seating” Peters said. “We’re addicted to what we do for a living, otherwise, we wouldn’t do this so, the downtime was miserable for us” Peters said.

Brass Monkey has and will be remaining open, but at a take-out level only.

“We miss being a part of people’s DoMo experience, we miss DoMo being a thing” Shannon Haley, General Manager of Brass Monkey Pub & Patio said. “We’re not going to be doing much with Phase one other than what we’re already doing, expect for completely deep cleaning both sides of the restaurant and the bar to make sure everything is ready for the reopening.”

Dine-in seating will be available during later phases of reopening. but patrons will be able to still purchase some alcohol.

“We can already do the to-go beer and to-go wine, we just can’t do the liquor” Haley said.

Each location wants patrons to be respectful and patient with them through phase 1. This means limiting large groups of people, as well as respecting reservation times and continuing to follow mitigation guidelines.

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