MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Pecan growers are experiencing shortage in crops this year due to the lack of rain. 

Store manager at Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company, Abraham Fowler, says weather conditions are affecting this year’s pecans harvest, and it is one of the lowest pecan inventories they have had due to a drought.

“It’s getting worse. For the last three years it’s been drought. It has destroyed our crop, and this year’s the drought has reached all across the entire pecan belt.”

This year’s lack of rain has caused pecans to fall out of trees, and Fowler says they are mostly bad. 

This year, we had a freeze before we had a frost. It takes the frost to make the nuts crack open and fall out of the tree. If it freezes, if the whole thing freezes, they don’t want to fall out. And when they finally do, they’re spoiled. They are not good.” 

The Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company used to provide over 20 differents kinds of pecans, but this year they are down to 8 due to the drought. When asked Fowler if he would increase the prices due to the shortage he said that won’t be the case.

“As long as I’m making a profit in the store I’m happy with that. I’m not going to put that burden on the public.”

Fowler also said even though there is a shortage this holiday season, customers are still able to walk away with goods. The uniqueness of the store’s pecans and the variety of flavors is what keeps bringing loyal customers back for more.  

“I guess you would say the quality is the reason,” said a loyal customer, Jimmy Johnson. “Because I always come, and they are always good. I’ll be back for the Christmas holidays and get some more.”

Fowler says he hopes he has enough to last until the end of New Years. 

“It will run out, but let’s just hope we don’t run out after Christmas.”