WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — On October 20, 2023, the West Monroe Police Department was dispatched to a stabbing that occurred on the 200 block of Peach Street. When officers arrived, they found a victim suffering from a large laceration on his neck and jaw.

The injury caused the victim to bleed profusely. According to the victim, 47-year-old Jacoby Scott attempted to use a razor knife to cut his throat. Additionally, the victim said that Scott stated he was going to kill the victim before cutting him.

Two witnesses that were at the scene during the incident said they allegedly saw Scott approach the victim with a razor knife after a brief verbal altercation. Both witnesses also said they heard the suspect express that he intended to kill the victim. One witness heard Scott say, “You gonna die.”

The witnesses went on to tell officers that Scott cut the victim’s throat with a razor knife and then left the scene. Scott was found shortly after and apprehended by authorities. 

Scott did not give a statement to the police. A small bag of suspected marijuana and a razor knife were found to be in Scott’s possession. The victim received medical attention at a local hospital.

Scott was charged with Possession of CDS 1 and Second-Degree Murder with Specific Intent. Scott’s current bond is set at $501,000.