WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Have you ever thought about what a four-day workweek would be like? A recently reintroduced bill proposes a four-day work week to be the national standard instead of five days.

The bill was first introduced in 2021 by United States Representative Mark Takano. The bill aims to decrease the number of work hours from the traditional 40 hours to 32 per week. However, it will not increase the pay of employees. It requires employers to pay employees for work after the 32-hour mark. This will apply to non-exempt employees who work hourly.

Some residents in the area expressed their thoughts on possibly having a four-day workweek.

Me personally, I disagree, because I work a 50 hour job and it is barely pushing it. So 32 hours will probably starve everyone, and make it real hard.

Jermaine Gorge, resident.

One local business owner says he is concerned about experiencing a workers shortage if the number of days in the workweek changes.

I think this is not a great idea, because I have like three or four stores and after covid we had a lot of problems to find good help.

Vijaydeep Sing, Business owner

Although some locals are expressing the downfalls of this proposed bill, one says it is beneficial as it relates to workers’ personal lives.

It gives you a little bit more opportunity to spend time with your family, get your hours in and make your money.

Misty Brooks, resident