All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This article contains content that discusses domestic violence. Viewer’s discretion is advised.

MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — A Monroe man is behind bars after being accused of stabbing his ex-wife in December 2021.

On December 19, 2021, deputies of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office were called to a residence on Greenfield Drive in Monroe, La. due to a domestic abuse battery investigation. During the investigation, authorities agreed to meet a witness at a local gas station and were advised that a Black female approached the witness’s vehicle, seeking help.

NBC 10 went on to learn that the victim was allegedly stabbed in the head/neck area by a male suspect earlier that morning. According to reports, the witness was advised by the victim that she escaped the suspect by climbing through a window in the residence prior to approaching the witness’s vehicle.

The witness then took the victim to a residence on Prairie Road. Deputies then went to the home where the victim was transported and made contact with the victim’s sister. According to the victim’s sister, the victim accused her ex-husband, Ezekiel Menyweather, of stabbing her at his residence on Greenfield Drive.

According to the victim’s sister, the victim left her residence shortly after arriving. Authorities went on to make contact with the victim and she advised that Menyweather allegedly stabbed her neck area with an ice pick.

When deputies asked to meet the victim in person, the victim denied the meeting arrangement due to having an active arrest warrant and she did not want to go to jail. Deputies went to the residence on Greenfield Drive and were unable to make contact with anyone; however, they observed a broken glass window.

Authorities obtained a search warrant for the home and initiated a phone ping for the victim’s phone. The victim was eventually located on Coolidge Street in Monroe, La.

According to the victim, she left her sister’s residence prior to the alleged stabbing incident due to her and Menyweather having relationship problems. After arriving at Menyweather’s home, Menyweather allegedly turned on loud music and began assaulting the victim. After the victim’s testimony, deputies went on to obtain an arrest warrant for Menyweather.

On Tuesday, February 14, 2023, Menyweather was arrested and charged with False Imprisonment, Domestic Abuse Battery, and Attempted Second-Degree Murder.