MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — On January 5, 2023, the victim’s daughter ran away from their home and now stays with her father, 35-year-old Damian Harris. The morning of January 21, Harris was angry with the victim because she reached out to his girlfriend to check on the well-being of her daughter.

According to authorities, Harris allegedly contacted the victim’s mother via text message and said, “U might wanna get your daughter and stop her from contacting and harassing my lady… I’m tryna act civilized bout the situation but she pushing it and I hate to shoot her in the f*****g face.” The victim’s mother responded by telling Harris to have his girlfriend block her daughter and that he was bold for making a threat to shoot her. 

Harris continued the conversation and allegedly responded with “cuz she texting her on all types of social sites n yes I’m bold…ima boldly shoot her in her face if she keep harassing us.” Then Harris allegedly describes the victim as disrespectful and hostile, then goes on to say, “She’s really starting to p**s me tf off… I’m tryna be cool but da B***H gone make me flash on her.”

The victim’s mother asked Harris if this was an official threat, to which he answered, “It’s not a threat it’s a promise.” The investigating deputy read the messages and discovered the number that the messages were sent from. The victim’s mother and the victim confirmed that the phone number belonged to Harris. 

Authorities also did a search of the phone number through the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office computer record and found Damian Harris to be the owner of the phone number.

The victim told authorities that on January 25, 2023, Harris gave her a black eye when he punched her in the face at a convenience store in Richwood. Records from the Richwood Police Department showed that she filed a battery complaint on that same day.

Harris currently has a pending case through the 4th District Court for battery against a different dating partner. Harris is facing a Cyberstalking charge and is currently being held without bond.