MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Tonight, the Monroe City School Board held a special meeting in regards to an investigation involving Superintendent Brent Vidrine and financial misconduct in the school district. Earlier last month, Monroe City School Board members failed to suspend Vidrine. 

At the previous meeting, a Monroe City School Board member proposed placing Vidrine on a 30-day suspension with pay as the investigation continues. The proposal required a unanimous vote from the board, which failed, and Vidrine was not placed on suspension. 

At tonight’s meeting, the board reconvened to discuss and decide the fate of Superintendent Brent Vidrine. The board came to a unanimous decision to place Superintendent Vidrine on a three-month administrative leave with pay effective immediately. 

While details are limited on the investigation, Monroe City School Board President Bill Wilson released the following statement:

They have made no final conclusions concerning the facts. the placement of Superintendent Vidrine on administrative leave is nothing more than the school boards attempt to provide it’s investigators with the widest latitude possible to complete their investigation and report their findings without any possible suggestion that Superintendent Vidrine in any way hampered or influenced the investigation.

Bill Wilson, Monroe City School Board President

At this time, an interim superintendent has not been appointed.