UPDATE (11/01/23) : The Monroe City Schools Board formally announced the two co-interim superintendents earlier this afternoon.

The decision comes after former superintendent Bret Vedrine retired this past Monday following that financial misconduct in the school district.

Sam Moore III, and Serena White will take on the interim superintendent position, at least for now. 

“It is my pleasure to introduce our two new co-superintendents for the Monroe City School System,” Bill Wilson said.

“We got a text message, and he was adding us to the state superintendents group, and we got that text. I looked down, and I was like, oh, wow. It’s real. So, yeah, you know, it’s exciting, and we’re extremely excited, and happy for the opportunity,” the co-interim superintendent Sam Moore III said.

“Mr. Moore and I have worked together in district leadership and ended up in very different areas. And so, we will be leaving those areas, and of course picking up new things. But those same areas that we supported, even though there’s two of us, there’s a shared goal of student achievement,” the co-interim superintendent Serena White said.

Monroe City School Board president Bill Wilson says the idea of having two interim superintendents is to push the district forward in a new direction. 

“And the passion that they have for our community, our children and our employees, and that’s what really stood out. And, so, while it was a common outside of the box decision, I think it’s one that’s going to work really well, especially on an interim short term basis. So we’re very excited about that.” 

Wilson reflects on the retirement of former superintendent Brent Vidrine.

“Officially he was, he was placed on a 90 day leave of absence. And during that time period, he came forward and said he would like to discuss his possible retirement. And so, that’s what happened, but we’re moving forward with our interim, and soon we’ll start up a search for a permanent, full time superintendent in the near future.”

As for former superintendent Brent Vedrine, Wilson Vedrine’s retirement will take up to seven days. 

MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — On October 30, 2023, Monroe City School Board President Bill Wilson announced the idea of having two interim co-superintendents for the school board due to the suspension of Dr. Brent Vidrine. During a meeting, the school board voted four to three in favor of electing co-superintendents for the next six months. According to reports, Serena White and Sam Moore will be interim co-superintendents.

On October 24, 2023, the Monroe City School Board held a special meeting in regard to an investigation involving Superintendent Brent Vidrine and financial misconduct in the school district. In September 2023, Monroe City School Board members failed to suspend Vidrine. 

At the previous meeting, a Monroe City School Board member proposed placing Vidrine on a 30-day suspension with pay as the investigation continues. The proposal required a unanimous vote from the board, which failed, and Vidrine was not placed on suspension. 

At tonight’s meeting, the board reconvened to discuss and decide the fate of Superintendent Brent Vidrine. The board came to a unanimous decision to place Superintendent Vidrine on a three-month administrative leave with pay effective immediately.