WEST MONROE, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– One local Christian organization is lending a helping hand to survivors in Turkey. On February 6. 2023, an earthquake hit Turkey and Syria, taking many lives and leaving destruction in the area. One Kingdom of West Monroe is working with its partners in Turkey to assess and provide assistance with the needs of the survivors.

Ryan Lee, the director at One Kingdom says the organization aims to empower local leaders to share the gospel in every nation.

We have over 100 people that we have partnered with in over 70 nations around the world; they are on the front lines of sharing the gospel in their respective nation. When a disaster strikes, we leverage our relationship to get immediate help in the disaster situation. In Turkey, we have two specific partners who are working on the ground, that are providing shelter, food, and clothing.

Ryan Lee director at One Kingdom

Lee also emphasized the importance of providing the people in Turkey with both physical and spiritual support from the community.

People in Turkey are going to need our physical help now, but they are really going to need our emotional and spiritual help in the future. By coming to support and helping them understand that today can be accomplished, we can help them dream for tomorrow.

Ryan Lee, Director of One Kingdom

Lee says the community can help now by donating to the relief fund. One hundred percent of the donation goes directly to Turkey. You can visit their website at onekingdom.org or text ONEKINGDOM to 77977.