MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — As Hamas holds thousands of hostages and threatens to begin execution in Gaza, the local Jewish community is speaking up against these violent attacks.

Monroe resident Jackie Rosenberg says this deadly attack is close to the 9/11 terrorist events.

“We had our 9/11 22 years ago. Israel had its 9/11 this weekend.”

Jackie Rosenberg is the son of two Holocaust Jewish survivors of the German Nazi Concentration Camps who became an industrialist in Monroe. There, they established Sol’s Pipe and Steel Company. He says the devastating attacks are personal.

“We all have come together in Israel. The Holocaust is obviously very personal to me. But, not since the Holocaust 88 years ago that we had this many Jews killed in one day.”

The attacks have taken the lives of thousands of civilians in just four days. Rosenberg says he is shocked to hear that a close friend of his friend, who happens to be a nurse, just witnessed the violence in Gaza while helping victims.

“She saw an Israeli man dressed in a uniform. She thought he was an Israeli soldier, but he wasn’t. She asked him where the wounded people were. This terrorist, who was dressed in an Israeli uniform, shot her three times in the belly. And when she fell to the ground, he crushed her hand.”

Despite the distance, Rosenberg says the pain is too hard to endure. He says he stands strong with his community.

“These animals took the cell phones of the people that they murdered, took pictures of all of this, and then sent them back to all their friends and relatives. I pray that those hostages are still alive when they get there. Israel will get their hostages one way or the other, they will be brought back to Israel.