West Monroe, LA. (KTVE/KARD) — On March 12, 1912, 18 members were signed up as the first to join a new organization called the Girl Scouts. Now, 111 years later, the organization continues to be a place for girls to learn outdoor, indoor, and life skills.

Joslee Emory, a Girl Scout from West Monroe, LA., said that the organization has taught her many valuable life skills.

“We work towards skills that we will need for the rest of our life, basically…It’s good for girls to get involved in Girl Scouts because we learned stuff that will stick with us whether we know it or not.”

Emory’s mother, Janice Cunningham, says how she has seen a positive impact in her daughter’s life, and her own life, through Girl Scouts.

“She got a flyer at school in kindergarten, and she wanted to be a Girl Scout so I took her to the to the meeting. A few months later, I called because we hadn’t gotten contacted, and they said they didn’t have a leader. They said it was easy and I could do it. So I’ve been her leader for the troop for 12 years now…..I think it’s important for them to focus and grow and learn different things.”