MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – A new look is in the works for Downtown Monroe as city officials held a community presentation for its Strategic Plan – Phase II ongoing development.

Members of the community had the opportunity to take a closer look at the city’s master plan update to revitalize the area.

“So, if we see downtown as the hub that connects all the spokes of the city, then the water is the spine. Phase II is really more about understanding what our constituents do in downtown. What do they think, how do they interact with it, and what times are they downtown? So, we can’t really move forward without that constituent’s feedback,” said Chief Economic and Cultural Development, Kelsea McCrary.

Mary Glmore with Campo Architects said the team has collected citizens’ feedback to analyze them, and project some of those catalyst projects that can start to transform Monroe.

“Monroe has an amazing collection of historic buildings. I think that the culture here and the history is so unique and so special.”

Gilmore says one of the main visions for development is placed alongside the riverfront.

“But Monroe has this really great asset in the river that we want to start to build on that by activating the street and having more connections and visibility to the water.”

Meanwhile McCrary says the Master Plan initiative comes with the interaction of the community to help improve Downtown Monroe.

“We are not the only citizens in the city. We are here to make sure that their tax payer dollars are put to effective work, and into great work. So, the mayor’s initiative here with downtown is to make sure that it is that front porch, that when they cross that bridge, they see these historical buildings and they understand that this is the area of the city that belongs to everybody.”

A community meeting for Phase III is expected to be held within the next few months.

To read more on the Strategic Plan – Phase II, you can click here.