MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — On April 16, 2023, Monroe Police Officers were dispatched to Owl Street to assist Acadian Ambulance Service with a combative patient, 64-year-old Allen Weathersby. When officers arrived on the scene, they executed a protective sweep of the residence. 

The Acadian paramedics remained in the front room of the residence with Weathersby. Officers discovered two rolled marijuana cigarettes on the table in the living room of the residence. 

During the sweep, authorities also uncovered what was believed to be a growing station for marijuana, with numerous heat lamps and plants hanging in the station. Once the sweep concluded, officers helped Acadian secure Weathersby on a stretcher, and he was transported to St. Francis Medical Center for treatment.

Authorities obtained a search warrant for Weathersby’s residence and searched his home for further investigation. When officers returned to the home, they detected a strong odor of marijuana emitting from the residence. 

In the front room of the home, two marijuana cigarettes were located in an ashtray. The cigarettes appeared to have burned ends, as if they had recently been burned and smoked.  

In the living room, several Top Rolling Paper packages for rolling cigarettes were found on the floor. A large black marijuana growing station was discovered in one of the bedrooms of the home. 

The station contained five different-sized pots filled with potting soil and small plants. Additionally, a brown dried marijuana plant was hanging from the top of the station by a string, and numerous mirrors lay at the bottom facing each other. 

The same room also contained fungicide sprays and different chemical plant sprays. The items in this room made it apparent that the room was being used for the sole purpose of growing marijuana.

When officers searched the master bedroom, a Rossi.38-caliber loaded handgun was found on the nightstand inside a purple Crown Royal bag. Another growing station was located inside the storage room behind the house. The items found in the home were seized by authorities. 

Further investigation uncovered that Weathersby is a convicted felon who is not allowed to buy a firearm. In 2002, Weathersby was convicted of Second-Degree Battery. At the conclusion of the investigation, officers made contact with the suspect at St. Francis. 

Weathersby was advised of his Miranda rights and questioned about the items found in his home. The suspect confessed to making the growing stations around 3–4 years ago to produce marijuana. 

As officers continued to question Weathersby, he started to act as if he were falling asleep and would not respond. 

The suspect has been charged with the following:

  • Four counts of Illegal Carrying Weapon
  • Possession of CDS 1
  • Two counts of Creation or Operation of a Clandestine Laboratory for the Unlawful Manufacture of a Controlled Dangerous Substance
  • Three counts of Violation of Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substance Law

Weathersby’s current bond is set at $252,500.