OUACHITA PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested a middle school student accused of bringing homemade candy laced with several drugs to East Ouachita Middle School on October 6, 2022.

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office determined all three students who had consumed this edible became ill.

“It was a homemade rice crispy treat type of thing. If it didn’t come from your home, then you have to be careful,” said Commander of the Metro Narcotics Unit, Jay Ellerman. “In today’s age, when eating something that didn’t come from your home, you don’t know who prepared it, who made it.”

Deputies say the students received medical treatment immediately. A test of the homemade candy was soon conducted, which allegedly revealed an MDMA narcotic related to Methamphetamine and Ecstasy.

“You know, they were fill tested but they will be sent to a lab for further testing just to make sure that what was fill tested was accurate,” explained Ellerman.

Ellerman is now asking parents to consider having discussions with their children about the danger of eating food unknown to them.

“If you as a parent would inspect that, that packaging. If you just glance at it, it would look very similar. But it would typically have ‘THC’ or a marijuanally for something around the packaging. Whether it can be a bag of chips, some type of candy, some type of gummy.”

Local parents are now weighing in on this topic.

“It is our responsibility to bring awareness to our children and make sure we provide them with the tools and education that is necessary,” said Denisse Valentin, a visitor from Florida.

“You know, I try to, especially with my grandkids, they are a little older now, but I try to stay plugged in with them and be with them every day that I can and talk to them you know,” said another local parent, Terry Mclein. “Teach your kids at home and watch what they are eating and the people they are dealing with.”

Deputy Ellerman also wants to remind parents to be on high alert during Halloween and to not let their kids take homemade candy.

Deputies also identified and located the juvenile, who allegedly gave the candy to the three students. They were treated and released from the hospital.

The juvenile was arrested and booked into green oaks. This is an ongoing investigation