MONROE, La. ( KTVE/KARD) – The Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile has been bringing smiles and joy for over eighty-five years since 1936. Now, we’ll give you an insight of the iconic wienermobile. 

The twenty-seven footlong hot-dog on wheels has been around for quite some time improving its look both inside and outside over the years..

“It’s kinda like a little kid designed a car, and made it their dream car.” Says one of the hot-dog drivers, Colin Jay, “Cook-Out Colin”. 

“So, we have blue skies in the ceilings, we have some cool painted carpets, mustard on the floor, mustard and ketchup color seats. Of course a TV because you need a TV.” He says. 

Jay says they’ve been on the road with the wienermobile all year going to different cities every week. 

“We are both from the midwest, so, places like Monroe, we’re not so familiar with, 

but these have been the best places to go because the people care so much and they are so nice.” Says Jay. 

“It is so much fun. it’s’ buns and buns of fun and we’re so excited to be in Monroe 

trying to remind the people to keep Oscar, and take life seriously. So, it means a lot to us to be here.” Says another hot-dog driver, Taylor Gray,”tasty tay”. 

But they are not the only ones excited to travel around inside the wienermobile. A local resident says seeing the weinermobile takes him back in time when he saw one for the first time.

“It really makes you smile to see something that good because it has improved over the years.” Says a resident from South East Monroe, Tommy Cannon.” 

“Back in the 50’s we saw it in the newspaper, magazines, tv. Never saw one in person, that’s why I wanted to stop by and see it today.” Says Cannon. 

The Wienermobile will be operating on November 6th and 7th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at different locations. If you want to check out their locations, you could visit their website at or go to