RUSTON, La. (10/04/2019)– It’s been almost two years since a fire left more than 200 hundred children without a place to earn their education. On October 17th 2017, Paul E. Slaton went up in flames, but with the help of the community, staff and students have been able to have classes in temporary location.

“We were blessed to have Zion Traveler Baptist Church to give us a place to stay, but it was temporary and some of the rooms were small,” Pamela Harris, Head Start Director, said.

Now Paul E. Slaton is seeing brighter days. Teachers say they are excited to show off their new permanent campus.

“We did not have the space that we have now,” Harris said. “Now it allows us to really bring education to life, bring learning to life, and the parents are very, very excited about what we have to offer.”

Harris says students will not only get the full education experience in the new location, but also have more elbow room for creative learning, along with room for physical activities.

“We are in a larger building,” Harris said. “We have a gym, we have the playground, new playground equipment. Our children will have a chance to spread out and have the room they need to learn.”

With the new space, educators say they are ready to open their doors to more students.

“The kids love it here and they’re enjoying everything that they’ve been exposed to since being in this new facility, so we’re hoping to have a great year,” Christen Taylor, Health/Mental Health Coordinator, said.

The school will be hosting an open house next Friday, Oct. 11 at 10am for parents and students to visit and take a tour of the school.