One Year Later: Granny’s Soup Kitchen stronger despite some speed bumps


MONROE, LA (10/13/19) It’s been a busy year for Granny’s Soup Kitchen, finally recovering from an 18 wheeler that did significant damage to the building back in October of 2018.

Fast forward to September 2019… and the soup kitchen is struck by a truck again. This hit causing less damage than last time. But they’re continuing to push on. Granny’s has recently added a new roof and a central air conditioning, something they didn’t have prior to the wreck, in addition to quite a few other amenities.

The soup kitchen has been seeing an increase in the amount of people they can serve. Usually they see anywhere from 600-800 a month, but last month, they severed nearly a thousand. They can also focus their efforts on donating more than just food, fixing up the room that holds clothing that can be donated.

They want to continue to help patrons of the kitchen outside of its walls; working with local businesses to help create jobs. Larry Willis, Vice President of Granny’s Soup Kitchen says “we have had people use the kitchen and they get jobs and they come through every now and then with a donation letting us know they’re still working and they be doing good for themselves and we’re happy for them. they aren’t making a whole lot of money but they don’t have to be worrying about being outside, where their next meal is going to come from.”

If you would like to donate your time, money, food or clothing to the kitchen, you can reach them at (318)325-7218.

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