One Week Into Louisiana’s Second Mask Mandate


We are now seven days, that’s one full week into Louisiana’s newest mask mandate

We had the chance to talk to some local businesses last week and some were fully on board with the mandate while others, were a little more skeptical.

Checking back in a week later some restaurants in the area have been making sure their staff is masked up but have been leaving it up to the customer to decide.

“We have had all our staff wear masks and encourage the customers to wear masks if they choose to, just want to keep everybody safe.” Assistant Manager of Flying Heart Brewery in West Monroe Parker Kane said.

“We’re not going to force customers to do anything, we are not the police.”

Jeffrey Judge the Owner of Flying Heart said “We have outdoor seating for those that don’t want to be indoors. So, we have over 100 seats in the back, lit, live music and our servers are out there masked up to make them feel comfortable.”

As of now the mandate will be set to expire on September 1st but if cases continue to rise the mandate will stay in place as long as needed.

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