WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — This week, October 2nd–October 8th, is National 4-H Week. The 4-H club is a program that promotes youth development, and we wanted to learn more about this club and what they aim to accomplish. 

Tara Garlington, Assistant Extension Agent for Ouachita Parish, provided more intel on what the organization represents. “The 4-H is a non formal youth development program primarily for ages nine to 19. Where we encourage youth to get out in the community and you know help others we want them to learn leadership skills are mission mandates with four h our science, engineering, technology, healthy living, and citizenship. A lot of people have no idea what the four H’s are for. It stands for head, heart, hands and health.”

Many people believe that 4-H is solely about agriculture and livestock shows, but 4-H offers a wide variety of activities for members to partake in.

Tara Garlington continued by listing some of the available activities for members. “We pull in things like photography. Here in Ouachita, we have a photography club, and we’re very thankful to have Mayor Mitchell as our photography club leader. We also have a shooting sports program that’s pretty large here in Ouachita. We have archery rifle, shotgun and pistol.”

Ethan Atkins, a current member of 4-H, explained what the organization means to him. “It makes me feel like I have an important role in the community going out and helping with like the homeless shelters and things like that pick it up at the zoo it feels nice going out and doing things like that for the community.”

If you are interested in joining this organization, 4-H memberships are available through your school program. If your school does not offer 4-H, you can sign up to be a member at large through the AG Extension Office.