Ochsner LSU Health reveals 14 day COVID-19 symptom tracker program using text messages


MONROE, La (05/28/20) — Ocshner LSU Health created a 14 day COVID-19 symptom tracker program. The first step in entering the 14 day symptom tracker program is taking the COVID-19 test at a community testing site with Ochsner health.

Once you take the COVID-19 test, the results come back in a few days. If they come back positive, you can sign up for the 14 day symptom tracker program which uses your cell phone to track your COVID-19 progress.

“On a daily basis for 14 days they get a text from us that actually inquires whether or not they’re having any symptoms every day,” said Yvens Laborde, Medical Director Global Health at Ochsner.

And if you start to develop symptoms throughout the 14 days?

“If they are having symptoms what we basically do is that it automatically triggers an opportunity for them to reach one of our nurses on call. That option will be available 24/7,” said Laborde.

The text messages track fever, shortness of breath, and other symptoms; If they start to get worse, the patient would go to the hospital to be evaluated.

“But if they go through the entire 14 days without any symptoms, then they would be released,” said Laborde.

Laborde says the reason they wanted to create the tracker program was to work with those patients who test positive and could be asymptomatic, but don’t need hospital care to battle COVID-19.

“As much as 35–30-35% of patients who are actually infected with the COVID virus, are asymptomatic,” said Laborde.

Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport–Monroe Medical Center will be at the community testing site tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday from 9 am to 3:30 pm at 2806 Mark drive in Monroe.
There is no fee and all you need to bring is an ID and insurance card if you have one.

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