Oak Grove officially completed water plant rehabilitation


OAK GROVE, La (02/26/20) — Mayor Adam Holland says clean water isn’t a want, it’s a need, and after all the new improvements, he’s happy to finally give residents the clean water they deserve.

He signed the completion report last week for the water plant rehabilitation project to mark the official end to a long construction update.

“This project had a 770,000 grant money with a city contribution somewhere around the 220 range which made it about a million-dollar project,” said Adam Holland, Mayor of Oak Grove.

Now that the plant is done, Mayor Holland says the city can finally enjoy clean water.

“We have seen a decrease in the numbers of brown water complaints. The plant is putting out crystal clear water,” said Holland.

He says if there are any new complaints about brown water, he’ll know it comes from direct water lines, not the water plant.

“The investment we’ve made over the last year should be a long term investment,” said Holland.

That investment has been years in the making. Three years later, the water plant is finally complete with brand new paint, pipes, and electric valves.

The plant will provide clean water to residents and businesses located in Oak Grove; Holland hopes the updated plant and promise of clean water will help the city grow for years to come.

“So it’s our hope that this will spur some economic development because it will make the town a more attracted place to locate your business, to move to as a citizen and it’s our goal to increase the quality of life for everyone involved,” said Holland.

The next step for the city is setting up a chlorine dioxide treatment for the water and finishing the application for a grant to replace the 500,000-gallon ground storage tank.

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