Nutty weather causes six straight years of Pecan shortage


MONROE, LA (12/05/19)– Northeast Louisiana loves its pecans, but what happens if the only pecans available are bad. It’s been another tough year for owners in the pecan business, but that’s not stopping this owner from making sure everyone gets what their hearts desire. Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company is a family business in Monroe that has been cracking pecans for 80 years.

From homegrown pecans to 20 different flavors, Abraham Lincoln, owner of Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company has it all.
“Everyone loves my nuts,” said Abraham Lincoln, General Manager of Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company.

However, the pecan business hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be the past six years. There is a shortage of good, cracked pecans.

“They say there were 7 years of famine and 7 years of peace. I only got one more year of famine and we’ll look forward to seven years of peace. That’s all I can say,” said Lincoln.

There was a lot of rain this year, washing pollen off the trees. when it wasn’t raining, there was a drought. Both weather conditions limiting the amount of good pecans available.

“Out of every ten nuts that we’re harvesting, we are throwing away about six of them,” said Lincoln.

In addition, pecan fanatics say people don’t take care of pecans when they bring them in to sell…adding to the pile of uncracked and ruined pecans.

“We’re trying to encourage people to pick them up, spread them out, and dry them or bring them on in. Don’t wait until you got a bunch of them. Please do not put them in plastic bags or buckets,” said Lincoln.

Because Lincoln has orchards across the state, this year they were able to bring in over 1 million pounds of pecans. However, it doesn’t compare to the 4 million pounds they usually bring in.

“She’s picking out anything that didn’t crack or is bad. Here’s how the look after we’ve shelled them. Aren’t they pretty, ” said Lincoln.

Despite a shortage in the crop, this businessman makes sure all pecan lovers have a fair chance to get their hands on a bag.

“We have not raised our prices on our products in six years. We’re making a profit and we’ve kept the price the same for six years,” said Lincoln.

Whether you say pee-Kahn or pee-can, they all crack the same. You can bring in pecans to sell to Mr. Lincoln. He says to come by and get bags that will allow pecans to dry out. Putting them in plastic bags or buckets will ruin them.

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