MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The Northeast Louisiana Children’s Museum hosted its own version of a U.S Open to celebrate the final grand slam of the year. Local parents brought their kids and talked about their love for tennis.

“I love it. I’m always looking for things to do with my kids in the community, so we come to a lot of things at the children’s museum,” said Caitlyn Keppinger, a parent. “What they are doing is super important and we are happy to be a part of it.”

Children of all ages got the chance to socialize and learn basic tennis skills. Victoria Fisher is the assistant tennis player at the Monroe Athletic Club, and she says it’s important to teach the benefits of this lifelong sport.

“Tennis is beautiful, and there are different levels for everyone. We gotta get our kids outside and enjoy these things and get them moving, and learn these basic tennis skills at this age,” said Fisher. “The younger they are, the more they can learn, and the faster they can learn. It’s a wonderful sport to have. I mean, I just love sharing my knowledge of tennis with all these kids.”

Almost 2-year-old Cal seemed to have learned all the basic skills pretty quickly.

“He is really into it, I’m really surprised. He is more coordinated than I would have thought. Honestly,” said Keppinger.

Just like little Cal, many other kids were able to bring up their best hit at the tennis court. As these locals celebrate the sport and the U.S Open, they are also talking about Serena Williams.

Her retirement stole some of the spotlight this year. Earlier this month, Williams said in a Vogue article that she was retiring from the sport following this year’s U.S Open.

“Oh my God, this has been some crazy tennis,” said Fisher. Alcaraz behind-the-back shot. Nick Kyrgios with his usual antics, and Serena’s farewell.