Ultimate politics fan shares excitement ahead of Wednesday’s Trump rally

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“Dear President Trump, hi I’m Nicholas Hadaway, a member of the GOP Republican party of Louisiana. I would love to meet you…I hope to hear from you soon. Make america great again,” Nicholas Hadaway, Trump Fan.

Nicholas Hadaway has always loved learning about history and telling others about the Presidents of the United States.

“1860, that was Abraham Lincoln, Mary Lincoln…James Buchanan. His niece was the first lady, Harriet Lane,” said Hadaway.

One of his most impressive facts? He can name the presidents in order both forwards and backwards.

“Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe…Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan,” said Hadaway.

What started as a hobby turned into something he wants to pursue in the future. He says his ultimate dream is to meet a president and go to the White House.

“Yes, I want to run for office. I’ll try to work hard for people and make promises,” said Hadaway.

Hadaway has an intellectual disability, but that doesn’t stop him from following his dreams.

He hopes to go to a program at the University of Louisiana Lafayette to learn more about political science.

When he learned president trump was coming to Monroe, he immediately got a ticket and the excitement began.

“My favorite part is this. Donald J. Trump,” said Hadaway.

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