‘I just really wanna get home’: Kansas mom stuck in Colombia, after adoption trip

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BOGOTA, Colombia (KSNW) – Rachel Davis and her family left for Bogota, Colombia on March 1 hoping to adopt two teenage boys.

“We thought this was going to be a quick easy process. We’ve done this before. We knew what to expect and it just spiraled out of control very quickly,” said Davis.

However, shortly after the Lakin family arrived, the country went into quarantine because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I received a phone call the first week that they placed quarantine that said if I would like to return the two of them to the orphanage, and then return to the United States with my other son, we were able to do that,” said Davis.

That was not an option for her. Davis’ husband and six other kids returned home to Lakin, Kansas. Rachel stayed in Colombia with her eldest son and soon-to-be adopted sons. Since the adoption isn’t final, we cannot share the faces or names of the boys.

“It started as a three-day quarantine, turned into a 14 day quarantine, and now turned into a six-week quarantine,” said Davis.

She says they are only allowed to leave for groceries.

“He’s allowed to go out once a week and get everything we need. However, we are not allowed to leave the hotel room otherwise.”

Davis is unsure, whether or not the ban will end April 27.

“I just really wanna get home. I wanna finalize our adoption and start life together as a family. Our boys don’t even know what home looks like,” she said.

The courts are frozen until the quarantine ends. Once they open, it will take a week for them to finalize the adoption. Afterwards, Davis says the US Embassy has assured her they will do all they can to get them home quickly and safely.


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