Family opens up about alleged harassment at nail salon

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WINNSBORO, LA (9/16/19) With over 100,000 views on social media, one Winnsboro father is going viral in a video posted over the weekend.

After what was supposed to be a day of fun for his daughter, getting her nails done for her cheer leading event.

His reaction was then recorded shortly after hearing about what happened to her after her mom brought her home in tears.

“He was being rough, you know, I wouldn’t have said anything and she started to cry because naturally she’s 10 years old and he scared her. So I said ‘don’t yell at my baby, tell me what you want to tell her and I’ll tell her, and so, he did it again'” says Alice Wallace, Mother of the 10-year-old involved. She personally witnessed the trouble she went through.

“So, being a father, you know, I got in my vehicle and I went up there to talk to him. I did what any father would do” says Arlandus White, Father of the 10-year-old girl.

While Winnsboro police were called, they did not arrest white. The incident has left the family upset wanting to know why.

“Even though Ms. Wallace has filed a complaint, we have to look at both sides. We need to look at Ms. Wallace’s opinion about what happened. I talked to Mr. Lee, his wife and his daughter as an interpreter” says Reverend Roosevelt Grant, President of the Franklin NAACP. He was called by the family for the investigation.

With this being said, customers outside the family have also experienced similar problems.

“I told him that I was a diabetic and he cut my feet. When he got smart with me I got smart back with him but I know that if I jumped on that they we’re going to lock me up so I stopped going” says Marilyn Jackson, an ex customer of Queen’s Nail Salon.

“”I would apologized to him for the way I came into his shop, but I would like for him to also know your customers is your business, and this is how you make a living is through your customers so you should always be kind and courteous and nice to your customers” says White.

Queen’s Nail Salon declined to comment personally to KTVE/KARD, but they did issue an apology to the family.

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