JACKSON, MISS. (KTVE/KARD) — September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and Newk’s Eatery is asking for your help in honoring Lori Newcomb, co-founder of Newk’s Cares, and her fight against ovarian cancer, on the 2nd Annual Lori’s Day. On Tuesday, September 27, 2022, Newk’s Eatery will donate 20 percent of their systemwide sales to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.

Lori Newcomb was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013 and started the Newk’s Cares foundation a year later, along with her husband, Newk’s co-founder and Executive Chairman, Chris Newcomb. Lori Newcomb lost her physical battle with the disease in 2019, but her legacy continues to live. The mission of Newk’s Cares is to improve rates of early diagnosis by funding research and raising more awareness.  

Madison Newcomb, the daughter of Chris and Lori Newcomb, shared her thoughts on the cause.

This cause will always be near and dear to our hearts, my mom’s fight with ovarian cancer was not in vain, and she proves that every single day with the lives she continues to save.

Madison Newcomb, daughter of Chris and Lori Newcomb.

There are multiple ways to participate in the fundraiser. Participants can donate in the restaurant, online at checkout or on NewksCares.com. There are also Newk’s Cares- themed water bottles available online for purchase. For every water bottle that is sold, 10 cents of that purchase will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance throughout the year.

For more details, or to donate, visit newks.com/newks-cares and follow Newk’s Cares on Facebook and Instagram.