LAKE PROVIDENCE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The Superior Group of Companies has announced that it will invest and modernize a vacant warehouse in Lake Providence. 

This new economic development aims to provide hundreds of jobs to the town. Local residents say this is just what they needed.

“I think it’s a blessing for jobs to come through this town because we really needed it this time” Says Chandra Thompson.

The Superior Group of Companies say they will invest more than $800,000 to modernize the vacant warehouse, which will be used as a replenishment warehouse to support nearby operations.

The Louisiana Economic Development says the project will result in 57 indirect jobs for a total of 107 jobs in Louisiana’s Northeast Region. 

“By bringing something here it’s gonna cheer and give people something to look forward to.” Says another resident and local entrepreneur of “Bensr” Creation, Bryan Nash.

“With operations in nearby Oak Grove, the modernized warehouse in East Carroll Parish will be SGC’s second operation in Louisiana, and it will support the company’s operations in Eudora, Arkansas.

In an statement by the Lake Providence Mayor, Jerry Bell, he says:

“It represents our willingness to support new business while providing jobs for our residents.”

“God knows what we need for this town. Anything to heal and help, and job opportunities for this town.” Says Thompson. 

The SGC’s will begin hiring for the Lake Providence operations upon completion of renovations. 

Renovations and upgrades to the new Lake Providence warehouse are scheduled for early 2022.