UPDATE: New video bingo ordinance PASSES, expanding locations across Ouachita Parish


OUACHITA PARISH, LA (06/15/20) *UPDATE: The Ouachita Parish Police Jury has passed the video bingo ordinance for the parish.*


OUACHITA PARISH, LA (06/10/20) “This ordinance is specifically for the unincorporated areas in Ouachita parish. We have not had video bingo in the parish ever before.” Shane Smiley, President, Ouachita Parish Police Jury said.

Ouachita Parish is no stranger to charitable bingo, but video bingo halls are not a common sight.

“Monroe and Richwood have had video bingo.” Smiley said.

A new ordinance could be changing the game soon, allowing these halls to operate across the parish.
The ordinance came to light from interest from multiple parties, which would bring new business.

“We have some people who are interested in getting into the video bingo business here in Ouachita Parish, and we have some that have operated video bingo machines in other areas as well.” Smiley said.

It will also generate income for the parish.

“20 percent of the profits will be paid to Ouachita Parish.” Smiley said.

The ordinance will follow the same guidelines that Monroe and Richwood currently follow, which are in line with the state’s. While a good chunk of the parish would be able to legally open more halls, they won’t be coming to everyone.

“Our ordinance will not include the city of West Monroe, or the town of Sterlington, or nor does it have anything to do with the town of Richwood or the city of Monroe.

The final vote for the ordinance is set for the next police jury meeting, which will take place Monday, June 15th.

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