New ordinance could be passed for used tire stores; What it means for current shops


MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD ) — The ordinance is giving the city 12 months to focus on the used tire shops they already have within city limits.

“It’s a pause in how many other stores would come online. So the stores they see out there are only that one we would work with to comply with what we have, but we wouldn’t approve any new stores during this 12 month period,” said Ellen Hill, Planning and Urban Development.

Code Enforcing and the Planning and Zoning staff will be working with the present used tire stores to help them with safety compliance.

“Making sure they have a bay, making sure they know how to dispose of tires per the department of environmental quality standards,” said Hill.

If the ordinance passes, it allows the city to work with tire stores and prevent moving past the city court if the stores weren’t up to code.

“When they get into the penalty phase, they move beyond our city environmental court and so we want to be able to resolve the issues at environmental court and this gives us a chance to work that out,” said Hill.

The ordinance will be introduced at Tuesday’s city council meeting. It will be voted on at the next city council meeting, about a month from now.

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