NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A new year means new laws for the state pf Louisiana. The new legislation covers a wide range of topics and will all take effect on Jan.1.

Among the new laws is SB 389, sign by Governor John Bel Edwards, stating that a drivers license can be suspended or denied renewal, if the person fails to pay state income taxes.

House bill 142 provides liability to publishing or distributing of material harmful to minors on the internet. It also requires providers to insure reasonable age verification on websites.

Additional attempts to protect children is an amendment to the children’s code requiring the Department of Children and Family Services to report alleged sex trafficking. Regardless of whether the is alleged parental culpability to the state police or local law enforcement as soon as possible.

Out of the dozens of new laws taking effect, some will affect the troubled insurance industry and how homeowners are treated in the wake of disasters. House bill 831 will require companies, in total loss of an insured dwelling, under certain conditions, to render and advanced payment equal to three months of increased cost of living required for members of the household.

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