MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD) New details as to why a former Interim Police Chief and former Sergeant were terminated from the Monroe Police Department.

Reports say former Interim Police Chief Reggie Brown and Sergeant Chuck Johnson were terminated for not handing over an excessive force case to state police in a timely manner.

That case involved Timothy Williams, who said he was arrested and beaten by five Monroe police officers; one of those officers faced criminal charges.
the other four were place on leave.

It starts on April 21st, when Timothy Williams said he was arrested and beaten by several police officers from the Monroe Police Department.

Williams was released from jail about a month later.

On July 6th, he files a complaint of excessive force Brown and Johnson were aware of. Former Mayor Jamie Mayo was also notified, but there was no investigation.

Three days later, city attorneys told Brown to hand over the investigation over to Louisiana State Police. But according to his Letter of Termination, issued by City of Monroe, he said “No”.

Johnson’s letter stated he wanted to wait to turn the investigation over because he did not want to “ruin anyone’s weekend”.

On July 13th.. Brown officially turns the case over to L.S.P..

July 11th is also an important date, this was when the Monroe mayoral election took place. Both were running for the position of Police Chief, with both letters stating that this case was delayed because of the election.

Flash forward to October 8th… Brown and Johnson were interrogated on the incidents that happened in July. A few days later they took a polygraph test, which they both failed.

The letter also states that Johnson denied talking to L.S.P. Investigator Hank Smith on July 13th, which he later admitted to prior to the polygraph.

Soon after, they were informed about possible disciplinary action.

Brown’s appeal is currently set for March 2nd. Johnson’s appeal is scheduled a few days later on March 9th. Of course, we will keep you updated on this story as it develops.