MANGHAM, La. (KTVE/KARD) – A brand new recreation sports complex is coming to the town of Mangham.

Construction on the future home of the Mangham Recreation Complex started this past April, aiming to bring a new economic engine to the town. 

“The kids need something to play in and keep them out of trouble, you know,” said a resident, AB Miles. “Something like this, a basketball game, or volleyball, baseball, something like that.”

The new complex total cost is $1.556.400, and it was state funded by Capital Outlay.

Paul Turner, project manager, told KTVE, that the complex will consist of three fields, but the first phase will begin with the high school baseball field. 

“We wanted one of those when we were younger, but we didn’t have it, so I’m proud they brought something like it,” said Mario Jones, another resident.

Officials say they expect more funding to come in and continue with the other fields once they complete phase one of the project. 

Other fields include a little league field, and a girls softball field, aiming to host travel ball tournaments and bring business to Mangham. 

Mangham chief of police, Perry Fleming, says he recalls wishing to bring his kids to a sports field like this. 

“It feels great. As I said, my boys were young when we started this, and I was hoping to see one of my boys play, but now maybe I will get to see one of my grandkids play.” 

“Maybe they can grow up to be a famous basketball or football player, or something, you know,” Added Miles. 

Future funding will allow the addition of a basketball court, a pavilion, and a lit walking trail.

“I’ve gained a lot of weight. So, I’ll probably use that walking trail,” said Jones.

The project is expected to be completed by late fall, or early winter, and will be accessible to all citizens of Richland Parish.