The City of Tallulah and The Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana hosted a Food Giveaway this morning and they had a huge turnout. 

Over 220 families lined up at the Tallulah Madison Community Center to benefit from this cause. 

A community leader says one box was given to each family, but unfortunately there were not enough boxes and volunteers to help out.  

She says for those who couldn’t grab a box today,  they will get a chance to receive one the next time they hold this event. 

“We actually just turned around twenty-five families.” Says agency service manager, Jazmaigee Sears.

“But we are rescheduling a pop-up to come back to Tallulah to serve those individuals who we didn’t get to serve today. It warms my heart to know these families have been served here in Madison Parish. And if there is anything else I could do to contribute, I’m more than happy to do it.” Sears added. 

Those families will be notified as soon as the date is confirmed