WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — We are highlighting women in sports and showing off athletes you sent to us!

Stepping up to the plate first, we highlight Kaitlynn Madison and she is 10 years old. Kaitlynn plays travel softball for west monroe lady sox 10u. Recently, Kaitlynn had the opportunity to help her teammates compete in o-k-c triple crown world series where they came home as triple crown champions. Kaitlynn is a student at j-s clark magnet where she will be entering the 5th grade.

Jalaysi’ya Lynn-Marie Smith, she was born in Monroe, Louisiana and raised in DeSoto, Texas. She’s the owner and CEO of hurdle diva. Smith says she quickly became one of the fastest hurdlers around, smith runs the 100 meter hurdles with a personal best time of 12.93 seconds in all conditions. She has been running track since 2016. She’s a two time national champion in the 100 meter hurdles winning in 2018 and 2019. She’s a state champion of Texas in the 100 meter hurdles winning in 2021 smith is currently studying communications and broadcasting at the University of Southern California, and continuing her track and field career as a true freshmen. Smith is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta honor society.

Next, Women in sports athlete we have Emarie Davis she plays for the warren high school softball team
In her Tik Tok highlight you’re seeing Emarie at the plate as she pops one toward center field setting up her teammate to score on the play and Emarie gets on first then next play Davis comes in sliding into home plate. In her Tik Tok video she puts in her caption loving the softball life.

Next, We have student-athletes of the silverback boxing club out of Franklin Parish Madeline Volentine and Courtlynn Haverd each of the ladies range from the ages 15-17 years old.

Madeline is an upcoming sophomore at franklin parish high school she’s 15 years old – she has been boxing for five months she’s also part of the franklin parish girls soccer team. Madeline shared with us she started boxing as a secondary sports to stay in shape and enjoys the mental aspect of the sport and says she’s proving that girls can box just like the boys and hopes she’s setting the example for other girls and women too.

Next, we have Courtlynn Haverd she’s 17 years old- she is a upcoming senior at Franklin Parish high school. She’s been boxing for a year, Courtlynn also plays for the soccer and softball team.

Courtlynn wrapped up her junior season competing in the LHSAA softball state championships after sitting down with Courtlynn, she opened up about her journey coming back to sports after being sideline due to a medical condition.

She was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia she was a St. Jude patient last year and she shared how she couldn’t take any physical hits and this summer she’s currently back at training and is looking forward to getting back into the boxing ring to prove she can overcome any adversities.

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