WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Meet a queen on the diamond miss Kelsey Alyssa Nealy out of Winnsboro Louisiana. She’s a recent graduate and played for Franklin Parish high school softball team.
Kelsey was part of the Lady Patriots winning the state championships this year. She’s also won runner up and made history three times this year.

After graduating in the class of 2022 in May, Kelsey will be continuing her softball career at South Arkansas community college on scholarship.

Next, meet Madelyn Smith representing the city of West Monroe Louisiana, Madelyn is 9 years old. Madelyn has been playing co-ed soccer for five years and has made all stars two years.

Lastly, meet Gabrielle Douglas and Lana Davis out of Winnsboro, Louisianan they’re apart of Silverback Nation Boxing Club. Gabrielle also goes by Gabby is 10 years old has been boxing for a year I asked what made her get into boxing and she says, she was just curious and tried it and says its been fun. Her coach also added that boxing has helped her break out of her shyness.

Lana is 11 years old and in the 6th grade and has been boxing between six to seven months she says she started boxing after watching her older cousin do it and ask her grandmother if she can do it too and her grandmother Miss bonnie brought her to silverback nation and she’s enjoy it so far her coach
Says her nickname is the baby-lion after seeing how she’s attacks every challenge.

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