Gulfport, Miss. (KTVE/KARD) — Christopher Cupp, a 2003 Sulphur high school graduate and a 2007 graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe, is part of Naval Oceanography, according to a release. Cupp ensures the U.S. Navy maintains freedom from the ocean floor to the stars through his service at Naval Information Forces, stationed at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

According to a release, Naval Oceanography oversees more than 2,500 globally-distributed military and civilian personnel. Sailors and Civilians in Naval Oceanography collect and analyze the physical environment. They also combine oceanographic and meteorological data to provide forecasts and warnings for flights and navigation.

We pride ourselves in our ability to characterize the battle space and then predict environmental changes over time. Every ship that sails, every aircraft that takes flight, every submarine that dives beneath the surface of the ocean has to go to sea with the information that Naval Oceanography provides

Rear Adm. Ron Piret, commanding officer, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command

Cupp also expressed his excitement and gratitude for serving in this capacity.

I am most proud of being able to work with the people I work with. You learn a lot from working with different people. Taking what you learn from them has helped me grow as a leader. I learn how I can best contribute to meteorology and topography in the Navy.

 Christopher Cupp, Navy Veteran and Naval Information Forces 

Cupp, along with other sailors and civilians, continue to train and perform missions. They also take pride in keeping their fellow sailors and civilians safe through their service.

Being a government civilian means that I am supporting the active duty military in ways that they may not be able to themselves. Whether it’s deep analysis, surveys or decision making, I am providing the best information possible to keep our people and our assets safe. 

Christopher Cupp, Naval Information Forces

According to a release, by serving in the Navy, Cupp is a part of a team that focuses on strengthening alliances, modernizing capabilities, increasing capacities, and maintaining military readiness, aligning with the National Defense strategy.